New Dimension Laminations 

Just ship your Documents to us, and we can beautifully preserve it on one of our custom plaques


Each distinguished laminated plaque transforms the material it protects into an aesthetically appealing show piece.  Awards, diplomas, certificates, articles, magazines, letters, and photographs (just to name a few) are beautifully enhanced and permanently preserved. 

Our Custom Plaques provide an attractive, permanent safeguard against deterioration.

Prior to the laminating process, we enhance your plaque's natural beauty by applying the wood grain finish or color you have selected.

Documents to be laminated are edged in your choice of gold, silver, white or black trim to match the plaque's beveled outer edges.

Each plaque is hand-worked through a 26-step process that blends advanced technological skill with traditional New England craftsmanship.

The end result is a plaque you'll be as proud to present as its recipient will be to accept.

You'll make a lasting impression with this distinctive piece that will enhance the decor of any office or room setting.


Our Deluxe Plaque is custom made to your exact specifications. They are created from high-quality 3/4" hardwood stock.

The Deluxe model features a deluxe beveled edge:


Board Color Options: 

Plaque Back: Optional - Standard Back is a Slot Back (no additional fee)

*Hang Cord     *Easel (additional charge) 


Also ask about our autograph plaques!

-If you would like to add an engraved plate to your plaque, you can choose how much of an extra boarder you would like to leave at the bottom, up to 3.5 inches high.

-More then one item can be lamintated - $8.00 for each additional Item 

-Items may be copied, you do not need to laminate the original - Color Copy - $15.00 

-Set-up for Digital Copies - $35.00 

-Prices vary depending on the size of the item and number of items per page. Let us know the size (square inch) of your document, measure the height and width and then multiply the two numbers together.

EX: 8.5" wide x 11" high = 93.50 square inches. 


Preserve your items for as low as $98.00! 

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Ship your Items directly to us:

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